Imagine Unifying Engagement

Create horizontal integration across 4 key customer engagement stakeholders





Radius Direct


Imagine Activating Your Stakeholder Ecosystem

Radius Direct

It’s Possible with Radius Direct®

Unify engagement with RADIUS DIRECT® – a single cloud-based, customer engagement platform

Re-Imagine what’s possible

Re-imagine expert engagement as a cycle in which commercial and medical affairs are activating and connecting thought leaders, academic institutions, and centers of excellence with community HCPs, patients, and caregivers

Subvert the status quo

Delivering content across the entire customer ecosystem reaching the stakeholders that matter to your brand

Disrupt traditional HCP engagement

Break the barriers between speakers bureau, virtual, and digital engagement silos, with a single unified engagement platform – from planning through delivery

Activate all stakeholders

Unify engagement by activating and connecting  the stakeholders within the customer ecosystem relevant to your brand

Evolutionize Engagement with eNOVA

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